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Today's society, the car has become a modern people's lives indispensable tool. Cars in human society benefit, but also brought a series of serious problems of air pollution, noise and traffic safety. The car itself is a complex system, with the mileage and increased use of time, its technical condition became worse, there power decreased, the economy deteriorated, increasing emissions of pollutants, reliability, reduce the use of such phenomena. Thus, on the one hand to continue to develop the excellent performance of the car, on the other hand to the car for maintenance repair and restore its technical condition. Car performance testing is in the car, maintenance and repair process of the technical condition of the car for testing, detection and fault diagnosis of a technology.


Automotive Testing Technology is about from the beginning of the 1950s gradually formed, developed and perfected. Early detection mainly by hearing, seeing, touching hands and other body sensory approach to technical condition of vehicle judgment. From the beginning of the 1960s, with the rapid increase in the western industrialized countries and automobile production capacity increase in car ownership, traffic safety and environmental protection issues began to attract people's attention, to address these issues, countries on the one hand the implementation of traffic control according to law, norms behavior traffic participants; on the other hand to strengthen the management of vehicles, especially in monitoring the implementation of the technical condition of vehicles. In the meantime, countries have started to develop and production of advanced detection equipment, hoping to use more scientific methods to quickly and accurately determine whether the technical condition of vehicle at a predetermined level. The emergence of new testing equipment and testing methods, not only to improve the accuracy and efficiency of detection, but also to promote technological progress in the automobile industry.


As the basis for vehicle production, the quality of materials and automotive parts vehicle production is a prerequisite for success. With a variety of new models of increasingly sophisticated functions and drive people to feel safe and constant pursuit, auto makers must be the source of the material to monitor quality and safety.

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