Morphology Observation and Measurement


Tin Whisker Electron Microscopy
Surface Roughness Intermetallic Compounds
Optical Microscopic


Project introduction:

The optical microscope uses the zoom lens imaging principle to magnify the human eye cannot distinguish tiny objects to the size of the human eye can distinguish which is mainly to increase small objects near the eye opening angle (objects with large visual angle forms lager image in the retina). Ordinary light wavelength is 400 ~ 700 nm, the best resolution of the optical microscope is 0.2 um, the resolution of the human eye is 0.2 mm, so the highest magnification microscope is usually 1000 X. The general optical microscope objective lens with multiple can be replaced, so observers can change the magnification as required. Because of using visible light as light source, optical microscope for color recognition is very sensitive and accurate, not only can observe the sample surface structure but also can observe a certain range below the surface of the tissue.



Optical microscope with easy operation, intuitive, and check efficiency characteristics, is suitable for surface observation and measurement. It can not only identify and analyze a variety of metals, alloys, non-metallic products, surface defects and integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, wires, fibers, surface coating and other surface phenomena checks, but can also be  widely used in electronic, chemical industry and instrument material observation of opaque and transparent material.

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