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Defect Analysis Dimension Measurement
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3D X-ray scanning is to non-destructive X-ray perspective technology (CT), will be 360 degree rotation of the measured object, the single axis surface ray penetrating the object to be measured. According to the measured object to each of X ray absorption and transmittance of different were collected from each point of penetration image, then use computer reconstruction can be obtained with the real image of the object. CT is the computer calculate tomography technology of products of nondestructive testing (NDT) and nondestructive evaluation (NDE) is the best means, using tomography technology can realize the visual non-destructive measurement, assembly analysis of defective material or product. CT scanning replace traditional failure monitoring and analysis, Ren Fang to the non destruction of sectioning and imaging, not subject to the specific features of the surrounding block, which can direct access to the feature of the target spatial location, shape and size information.


Application range:

Automobile, metal materials, mold, reverse engineering, size measurement, plastic materials, railways, electronic appliances, medical equipment, aerospace, scientific research institutes, military defense, etc..


Size requirement:


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